Aggregator for
solar installations
We ensure that your wholesale solar installation achieves optimal financial returns. We do this with smart control of fluctuating energy prices. We also predict and nominate your daily solar production.
Returning power at negative prices used to cost me money every weekend.
- van Sleuwen Pigs


Our advanced Energy Management System interfaces with current EPEX day-ahead power prices and predicts imbalance up to 30 minutes ahead. When the power price falls below the set set points, the software signals your inverters via our Energy Control Unit to partially or fully shut down the power system.

We determine the most optimal setpoints for each energy installation. This takes into account the SDE subsidy, transport costs, energy tax, GvOs and the mark-ups and markdowns from your energy supplier.

Forecasting and nomination

We predict and nominate your power consumption
and solar power generation. To do this, we constantly read your energy meters. Through machine learning, these predictions become smarter every day and you achieve maximum efficiency.

customer app and reports

Do you purchase aggregator services from us? Then we have a special customer application for you. This provides insight into the switching times of your energy installation, energy production, current energy prices and the status of your Energy Storage System.

In addition, we offer extensive monthly reports, in which you can view our activities and corresponding returns per day.

Solar balancing and congestion management

Currently, virtually all of the Netherlands is in congestion. That means the energy grid is full. Still, we can make sure that your energy installation starts to yield returns. For this we offer two services: ZonBalans and congestion management.

With ZonBalans, you can still supply solar energy without feed-in power. Congestion management helps the grid operator to prevent congestion on the local grid and you receive compensation for this.
Efficiency is customized

Find out what we
you can do

Together with you, we determine the required combination of services that fit your specific needs and goals. Regardless of whether you are, for example, a farmer or a large property manager.