Are we?

Our story

We believe in a world where more is shared. A world where you store energy you generate but don't use smartly at a good return. We make this possible with our own software. One system in which your wholesale energy installations communicate with each other through our software and act on supply and demand every moment of the day.  

Covolt grew out of a solar project organization. An organization engaged in the daily installation and delivery of wholesale, energy installations. The service issue for management, monitoring and smart control of such installations was lagging behind. This can and had to change. 

We stand for service, smart data links and proactive steering for optimal returns. Both technically and financially. We work independently through fixed, low rates and offer insight through our own customer application and publication of monthly reports per customer. Because of our history we have plenty of solar expertise and we know what is going on and more importantly, where opportunities lie for our customers in the energy transition. Step into this world with Covolt and go for maximum return!

Core values


We offer insight into our actions and returns through a customer app and monthly reports.


Our system works independently of energy companies, brands and suppliers.


We write new drivers, links and algorithms to continuously stay ahead.


The high-end Covolt system goes beyond your installation's beach-standard software.

Meet our experts

Covolt's team consists of over 20 experts full of ambition.
Their expertise includes solar and battery technology, data, commerce, planning, marketing and administration.

Working at Covolt

Your new job begins
with us

Your new job starts with us

Do you also aspire to a position at the heart of the energy transition? We are always open to energetic and ambitious employees.