No feed-in power?
Still feeding solar power back!

Using ZonBalans, it is possible to take advantage of the times when the grid is not fully loaded. This makes solar energy feed-in possible anyway, even if you don't yet have feed-in power. This allows you to feed back up to 70% of your unused generated energy. In addition, you always have the option of generating energy for your own use.

To start with ZonBalans, you need solar panels, a sun sensor and an Energy Control Unit. These must meet the requirements of Enexis. We provide all supplies for this. The costs for this can vary depending on your situation.

Because of ZonBalans, I can still feed my generated electricity back into the grid.
- Awood B.V.

How does
sun balance?

Turning your solar system on and off is done automatically via our Energy Control Unit and connected sun sensor.

With ZonBalans, you feed solar energy back outside peak times. These are the moments when the grid is at its fullest. For example, on sunny days when a lot of generated power is fed back into the grid. The amount you can feed back depends on how brightly the sun is shining. Is the sun not shining brightly? Then there is room to deliver back up to 70% of the generated power.

When do you qualify in

Enexis approaches its customers with information about ZonBalans in phases. Only when you have received an invitation can you participate.

In addition, you must meet
two requirements:

- You must be on the waiting list
for extension of your connection.

- Your installation must be located
in an Enexis area.

Efficiency is customized

Find out what else we
we can do for you

Together with you, we determine the required combination of services that fit your specific needs and goals. Regardless of whether you are, for example, a farmer or a large property manager.