Maximum financial
with our aggregator services
We have our own Energy Management System and Energy Control Unit. This allows us to provide smart control of your wholesale solar installation, Energy Storage System and charging stations.

Covolt as an

We forecast and nominate your energy flows. We also provide an Energy Control Unit and Energy Management System that monitors the energy market in real time and switches your installations flexibly based on price incentives. Furthermore, we offer ZonBalance and congestion management services and are Guarantee of Origin (GvO) traders.

With curtailment, also called flexible switching, we provide smart control of your wholesale solar installations. Our hardware and software works with all brands of inverters and is independent of energy companies. The most optimal switching moments are tailored to each location.
We offer various applications to make your Energy Storage System (battery) as profitable as possible. For example through energy trading on the imbalance market. Or by applying peak shaving. This allows us to absorb the peaks in your energy consumption with stored energy. It is also possible to make your storage capacity temporarily available to the grid operator via the emergency power service or other balancing services.
By intelligently controlling charging stations based on market prices and the power of your entire energy system, we ensure the optimal return.

In these ways, we manage your
energy installations and yield:


Charging stations, forecasting and nomination power consumption 


Curtailment solar power, forecasting and nomination solar power generation 


Energy trading, peak shaving and balance maintenance 

feed back

Curtailment solar power, congestion management, ZonBalans 

Efficiency is customized

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Together with you, we determine the required combination of services that fit your specific needs and goals. Regardless of whether you are, for example, a farmer or a large property manager.